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Dr. Rafael Antún is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and has been trained in general surgery, cosmetic surgery, and urology in the United States. After studying medicine in his home country, the Dominican Republic, he was accepted into a residency program at the prestigious Nassau University Medical Center. He followed this with a surgical residency at the University of Miami Urology program, where he eventually became a faculty member for the medical school. During this time, he became the first surgeon to ever perform a radical prostatectomy for a patient after a heart transplant. 


His love for beauty and a desire to help patients improve their self esteem led him to train in cosmetic surgery, and become an AACS member dedicated to patient safety and continued physician education. Since then, he has also been accredited by the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America, empowering his female patients with knowledge and treatment options for their health and sexual well-being. 


With over 35 years of experience performing surgery, his patients benefit not just from his a wealth of knowledge, but also his outstanding techniques. Dr. Antún is committed to his patients, and to keeping up with all the latest innovations and methods to optimize patient safety and provide state-of-the-art treatments, surgical and non-surgical alike. All patients at HD Esthetique are also able to enjoy personalized treatment and the care of capable staff before, during, and after surgery, as Dr. Antún strongly believes that the entire transformation journey needs to be well-designed and executed for the best possible results. Patients come from all over Miami and the rest of the world to enjoy the outstanding care and beautiful results that HD Esthetique provides. 


A pioneer in the extraction of biopolymers, which pertains to any foreign material introduced to the body that elicits a bodily rejection, he has dedicated the last 15 years towards the perfecting of his craft in this area. In this time, he has developing new specialized techniques that safely facilitate the minimally invasive removal of these foreign substances illegally introduced into the bodies of patients around the world. Dr. Antún has treated thousands of patients who have been conned by unqualified practitioners into receiving injections of synthetic oil, cement, expansive cells (mislabeled as hyaluronic acid), and other substances into the face, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, genitals, legs, and ankles.


The use of Cool Laser treatments towards the extraction of biopolymers means patients are able to be rid of a majority of injected substances in a minimally invasive procedure. In this manner, open surgery is avoided, bypassing the risk of deformities and various aesthetically unfavorable complications. If biopolymers are found in the buttocks, a butt lift procedure is performed following their extraction. After the aforementioned surgery is completed, Dr. Antún’s experienced team of highly qualified aestheticians use an array of the latest medical equipment as part of the patient aftercare process, to bring about complete satisfaction and the best results possible.


He has participated in numerous cosmetic programs recognized by the AACS in both the US and Latin America, and has been the lead speaker in multiple academic conferences in regard to the elimination of biopolymers through his use of the Cool Laser treatment.    

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