Silicone Injection



Silicone can be removed from the face, breasts, buttocks, or muscles – areas that are often targeted for cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Antún has seen many patients experience adverse reactions to foreign substances in these areas, from severe rashes to the formation of hard masses.


Biopolymers/silicone that have been injected into the breasts may cause pain, discomfort, discoloration, swelling, stretch marks, or hardening. When treating affected breasts, Dr. Antún not only removes these dangerous substances but can also aesthetically reconstruct the breasts with safe, high-quality implants.


The face is one of the most commonly injected areas. Foreign bodies injected into the face may cause skin discoloration, paralysis, necrosis, or facial deformities. Dr. Antún has successfully removed silicone from the face, lips, nose, cheeks and around the eyes to restore the face’s natural features, producing excellent cosmetic results.


Similarly, biopolymers injected in the buttocks can cause rashes, hardening, sagging, and inflammation. Foreign materials in this area can also migrate to the spine, posing highly dangerous health risks. Through minimally invasive surgery and cool laser treatment, patients can expect a simple removal, minimal scars, and effective cosmetic results. 


Biopolymers can also be removed from the muscles, as foreign substances in these areas can cause stiffness, soreness, pain, inflammation, and necrosis. Through minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Antún can correct these effects to restore your comfort, appearance and overall health.


The type of procedure performed will depend on the patient’s unique needs and concerns, including the location, number and type of foreign substances injected and the reaction caused by the material. Dr. Antún’s goal is to help patients achieve naturally beautiful outcomes. Instead of complex surgical procedures, Dr. Antún performs minimally invasive treatments that result in less scarring and more satisfying results for his patients.


As Miami’s leading expert in biopolymer removal, Dr. Antún is a highly practiced specialist with extensive experience in delivering safe, non-invasive, and comfortable removal procedures. Having helping so many patients, Dr. Antún strongly believes that surgical excision of biopolymers should not be recommended for a vast majority of patients. Beyond creating excessive scarring, open surgery to remove these foreign bodies can result in nerve damage, deformities, and other. complications. Dr. Antún’s method eliminates the need for elaborate surgery and downtime and helps to restore the health, comfort, and natural beauty of his patients without significant interruption to their lifestyle.


At HD Esthetique, Dr. Antún offers a Cool Laser removal technique for patients seeking to eliminate biopolymers and silicone. The laser emits light energy throughout the affected area and liquifies the foreign substance, which is then vacuumed out of the body. The extent of treatment required will depend on various factors, including your condition and reaction to the foreign material. Dr. Antún will give you a full examination before treatment to determine how the procedure will be performed. Dr. Antún’s Cool Laser removal is a highly developed and effective technique that aims to clear your body of unnatural materials and help you reclaim your health and appearance.


The Cool Laser treatment is most suitable for patients who have experienced a negative bodily reaction to biopolymers or foreign substances. Patients who have received “permanent” fillers such as biopolymers, bio gels, economic hyaluronic acids, expansive cells, bio fill, methacrylate and other invasive materials not approved by the FDA are in danger of severe inflammations and other harmful effects. If you have received injections and are suffering from pain, discomfort, deformities, hardening, or associated symptoms, you are most likely a candidate for treatment. In an in-depth consultation, Dr. Antún will assess your condition and suitability to ensure you are treated correctly and effectively.



Dr. Antún leads a team of highly trained specialists at two conveniently located clinics in Miami dedicated to restoring your health and improving your comfort. At HD Esthetique, our team provides constant support and the highest quality care through all steps of the process. From consultation to aftercare, we will ensure your comfort and schedule follow-up appointments to ensure your body is healing properly. Our goal is to help you achieve naturally beautiful results through minimally invasive treatments.


Dr. Antún has dedicated over 15 years to the removal of biopolymers and foreign substances. He has been recognized globally for his work in the fight against illegal biopolymer use and the dangerous effects of foreign substances. His revolutionary techniques have helped over 3500 patients extract harmful materials from their body, allowing them to regain their health and confidence.




Biopolymers can cause severe damage and infection within the body. If you are experiencing symptoms, we strongly recommend laser extraction before these substances migrate to other areas of the body and cause more significant damage. At HD Esthetique, we are committed to restoring your health, comfort, and beauty through minimally invasive techniques. If you are experiencing side effects as a result of biopolymer injections, take the first step to restoring your health by scheduling a consultation at our South Miami or Coral Gables locations. Fill out our contact form or call Dr. Antún’s team today at 305-668-2853.

Liquid silicone refers to invasive foreign materials that are introduced to the body and subsequently rejected. Some cosmetic practices, led by unethical or unqualified people, use foreign substances instead of FDA-approved materials to inject and treat their patients for aesthetic enhancement. This malpractice can cause adverse reactions in the body and can significantly damage your health. If you have been affected, there are treatments available to remove these foreign substances and correct their side effects. Dr. Rafael Antún performs minimally invasive procedures to extract biopolymers from patients who have been treated unethically, with over 15 years of experience in this procedure. He strives to help patients return to a happier and healthier condition, and will also work closely with you to ensure you still achieve the naturally beautiful cosmetic results you deserve.


Foreign body substances are materials that do not naturally belong in the body. These substances may include synthetic oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, baby oil, cement, silicone, expansive cells, or petroleum-based ingredients. These may be mislabeled as other injectable ingredients but are not FDA-approved. They can be injected into various areas of the body for cosmetic enhancement, including the face, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, or genitals. 


The use of foreign body substances is prohibited and should not be used for any part of the body. Since the human body cannot absorb foreign objects, the materials are eventually rejected by the body and can cause a severe reaction. The body’s response can vary from mild inflammation to serious health issues, such as severe pain, rashes, skin hardening, sagging, or necrosis. When left untreated, the substance may migrate to other areas of the body and cause more damage. Therefore, early extraction is vital to healing your body and ensuring your continued health.