The details of the procedure will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Antún. As a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, he personalizes each treatment according to the individual needs, concerns and condition of each patient. He will examine the unique features, shape and structure of your face to determine the most suitable approach. Eyelid surgery can be performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia and may take from one to three hours, depending on your surgical plan.


For upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Antún begins with an incision in the natural crease of the upper eyelid, which reduces the visibility of scarring. Depending on your treatment plan, he may reduce or redistribute fat deposits, remove excess skin and tighten the muscles before carefully closing the incision with fine sutures. To perform lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Antún generally places an incision below the lash line, where excess skin is removed or elevated, and excess fat is redistributed or removed. Alternatively, if skin removal is not required, Dr. Antún may place the incision inside the lower eyelid (transconjunctival incision) to re-contour the area and reposition fat as necessary.


Blepharoplasty is an excellent, highly advanced surgical procedure that aims to improve the contours of the eyes. As a result, this surgery may provide both cosmetic and functional benefits, helping to:


  • Reduce droopiness and sagging

  • Rejuvenate the eyes

  • Improve vision

  • Reduce forehead wrinkles (due to less raising of the eyebrows)

  • Correct deflated or tired appearance

  • Produce a well-rested and healthier look

  • Restore energy and vitality to the face

  • Smoothen imperfections around and on the eyelids

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem


Though the surgery causes minimal discomfort, patients should allow a week of downtime to fully recover before resuming regular activity. Heavy exercise and activity should be avoided for at least one month after the procedure. You may experience swelling, bruising, irritation or dry eyes after the surgery, which can be easily managed with medication. At HD Esthetique, Dr. Antún provides exceptional aftercare service. He will inform you of all post-operative requirements, including appropriate medications and how to care for the surgical site. Dr. Antún’s team of friendly aestheticians will also schedule follow-up appointments to assess how your eyes are healing and adapting to the new contour. Dr. Antún and his team are dedicated to your entire cosmetic journey, so you will be provided with constant care and support from consultation through to aftercare.



Blepharoplasty is a highly suitable procedure for those seeking to correct droopiness, sagging or puffiness in the eyelids. This surgery helps to correct the fatigued and worn appearance by re-contouring the eyelids to appear naturally alert and well-rested. Eyelid surgery is often sought by men and women who feel that their eyes do not accurately reflect their age, energy or emotion. If you are experiencing a lack of self-esteem due to sunken, deflated or tired-looking eyes, blepharoplasty will help to rejuvenate your eyes and enrich your entire profile. During your consultation, Dr. Antún will examine your facial anatomy to ensure blepharoplasty is a suitable option for you.


With over 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Antún has been established as one of Miami’s leading surgeons. Drawing on exceptional technical skill and aesthetic expertise, Dr. Antún is passionate about creating beautiful cosmetic results that are personalized for each patient. At HD Esthetique, our team is committed to providing high-quality service and care throughout your entire journey, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Antún performs eyelid surgery to help patients restore energy and radiance to their face. If you would like to correct imperfections around the eyes and revitalize your profile, start your journey by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Antún at our South Miami or Coral Gables office by calling us at 305-668-2853.

As one of the most striking facial features, the eyes are vital to your appearance. As we age, the eyelids can begin to sag, droop or become puffy, which often creates a worn or fatigued look that prematurely ages the face. Over time, the breaking down of collagen and elastin causes the eyelid skin to become lax, while muscle layers beneath the skin also weaken and fat deposits shift and create puffiness. Sun damage, hereditary factors and the aging process all contribute to this process. Blepharoplasty aims to correct these concerns and rejuvenate the eyes for a refreshed and well-rested appearance. At HD Esthetique in Miami, Dr. Antún has helped countless patients revitalize their eyelids for a shapelier and more attractive facial structure, encouraging them to feel less self-conscious and more confident about their appearance.


Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to treat puffiness and droopiness on the eyelid and improve the overall appearance of the eyes. This surgery aims to remove loose skin or excess fat in the area to counteract the worn or tired appearance caused by sagging or lax skin. The procedure can be performed on either the upper or lower eyelid, or both. By treating droopiness and raising the eyelid, blepharoplasty can provide a well-rested appearance that enriches your entire facial aesthetic. Drawing on highly developed technical skill, Dr. Antún performs eyelid surgery for patients seeking to smoothen imperfections around the eyes, helping them achieve a naturally alert appearance that complements their unique facial structure. 



Upper eyelid surgery is designed to correct sagging or puffiness in the upper eyelid. This procedure involves removing excess skin and fat to reduce heaviness in the area and re-contour the eyelid for a naturally energetic expression. This surgery helps to reverse the effects of age by raising the eyelid and can also help to improve vision. Alternatively, the lower eyelid surgery is designed to treat dark circles, hollowness or bags under the eyes to correct the fatigued or worn appearance. This procedure aims to refine the overall shape and symmetry of the eyes by focusing on the lower eyelids, creating a healthier and rested appearance. Depending on your primary concerns and aesthetic goals, upper and lower eyelid surgery can be performed individually or together for a more comprehensive rejuvenation of the eyes.