The Bichectomy is a surgical procedure that removes or dries out a face structure known as Bichat Fat Bag, which in some cases makes look a thin person as overweight or simply not in accordance with the body contour. 



A patient is a good candidate for surgery Cheeks Bichectomy or performed in any of the following scenarios: 

• The face has an excessive roundness 
• You want to differentiate the middle third of the lower third of the face, which are marked by further cheekbones. 
• You want to give the face a more youthful appearance. 
• When fat bags around the cheeks cause the patient look overweighed, without being suffering from this 

Cheek Surgery (Bichectomy), is indicated in patients with round cheeks, full aspect, they tend to give heavy-looking face, that wants to correct this situation, allowing to increase the definition of the face features in the middle third, Achieving a thinner face appearance, aesthetic within a harmonious balance, throughout a safe procedure. 

Surgery cheeks many times associated with facial plastic surgery procedures such as the neck surgery. 

It is also associated with cosmetic surgery procedures of body contouring such as Liposculture and tummy tuck, on patients who want to have a slender appearance and preserve harmony with the decrease of their body volume. 



The results form buccal fat pad reduction is sometimes visible within one month but usually take up to three months to really see the results. The inflammation and swelling can take a while to subside, particularly when the procedure is done in combination with other procedures. You should try to be patients and wait another two months or so before judging the final result.