Buttocks Augmentation

The buttocks are vital to a well-proportioned physique. Despite healthy eating and exercise, many people struggle to achieve the size, shape, and firmness they desire. Buttock augmentation, also referred to as gluteal augmentation, helps to increase the size and projection of the buttocks to produce a well-toned and more attractive figure. Highly experienced surgeon Dr. Rafael Antún has helped many patients in and around Miami to achieve a smoother, rounder and fuller butt contour that serves to complement and enhance the body’s natural curves.


Buttock augmentation uses medical grade silicone implants to reshape and redefine the buttocks. This procedure is performed to increase the volume and projection of the buttocks and to sculpt the area in harmony with the rest of the body. While exercise can help, many lack the natural fat and tissue it takes to mold a symmetrical, well-rounded buttock. At HD Esthetique, we use soft, high-grade silicone implants to insert above or between the gluteal muscles, and position them to create your desired shape. Implants can be round or oval and come in a range of sizes, so they can be adjusted to match the contour you are seeking. To perform this procedure, Dr. Antún only uses the highest quality, FDA-approved implants to ensure safe and effective treatment and achieve beautiful aesthetic results. 

An ideal candidate for buttock implants (gluteoplasty) is a man or woman dissatisfied with the under projection or flat appearance of their buttocks who is free of any complicating pre-existing medical conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin/connective tissue disorders, etc.


Biopolymers are foreign body substances that are extremely harmful to the body. Today, biopolymer injections are used for surgical enhancements, particularly of the buttocks, because they create lumps. This is malpractice, however, and is prohibited in plastic and cosmetic surgery due to the significant risks posed to the body. Biopolymer injections can be rejected by the body and can cause severe reactions, from inflammation to severe pain, rashes, or skin hardening. When left untreated, the substances can migrate to other areas of the body and cause even more damage to your health. When considering butt implants, it is crucial to consult a qualified, well-practiced surgeon like Dr. Antún, who will treat you with the utmost professional care and safety.


Medical silicone implants are FDA-approved and safe to use. Buttock augmentation has become an increasingly popular procedure and has been performed for countless patients seeking to increase the volume and projection of the buttocks. Working with a team of highly trained aestheticians, Dr. Antún is a certified cosmetic surgeon who only uses safe, high-grade materials to perform surgical enhancements. He also gives patients a full examination before their procedure to assess their physical health and ensure it is safe to proceed with treatment.


Buttock augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lifts are both designed to improve the shape and overall appearance of the buttocks. However, the method of enhancement differs between the two procedures. Buttock augmentation uses artificial silicone-based devices to add volume and increase the projection of the area. Alternatively, the Brazilian Butt Lift uses a fat grafting technique, where fat is removed from other areas of the body and strategically injected into the butt for a fuller and shapelier contour. Therefore, buttock implants may be more suitable for slimmer patients who do not possess the excess natural fat required to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift, or who desire more dramatic results. 



The buttock augmentation procedure will vary for each patient, depending on their individual needs, the current quantity of tissue, and ultimate aesthetic desires. Dr. Antún will evaluate these factors during your consultation to create a tailored treatment plan that will consider your unique figure, address your cosmetic goals, and outline the procedural steps Dr. Antún will take to reshape the buttocks. At HD Esthetique, buttock augmentation is performed in our state-of-the-art outpatient facility under general anesthesia and may take from one to two hours to complete. Generally, the procedure begins with a vertical incision made in the midline between the upper aspects of the buttocks. Dr. Antún will then insert the implants above or between the gluteal muscles and position them accordingly. The incision is then closed with sutures below the skin level to avoid visible scarring.



Gluteal implants are highly suitable for those seeking to improve the appearance of their buttocks and the proportions of their lower body. If you are unhappy with the size or projection of your buttocks or feel that the area is not proportionate to your body frame, you may be a suitable candidate for buttock augmentation. If weight loss or aging has flattened the area and diminished your appearance or confidence, butt implants may help to achieve a fuller and rounder contour that will enhance and redefine your physique.


With over 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Antún has been established as one of Miami’s premier surgeons. At HD Esthetique, our team is committed to providing excellent service from consultation to aftercare. We schedule follow-up appointments to assess how your body is healing, and we take every measure to ensure minimal downtime, a quick recovery, and beautiful aesthetic results. 


Buttock augmentation with implants is an excellent surgical procedure that can provide highly effective and fulfilling results. Dr. Antún has performed countless butt implant surgeries to help women restore confidence in their body and feel more satisfied with their figure. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of buttock augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Antún at our South Miami or Coral Gables office by calling us at 305-668-2853.