Breast Reduction

The breasts are integral to a woman’s body. While many women seek larger breasts, some women wish to reduce the area to correct large, elongated or pendulous breasts. In some cases, large breasts can cause physical discomfort, self-consciousness or embarrassment, or difficulty engaging in physical activity. Breast reduction surgery helps to reduce, lift, and reshape the breasts in proportion to the body, allowing patients to feel more confident about their physique. Highly experienced surgeon Dr. Rafael Antún has performed breast reduction surgery for many women in Miami and beyond to help alleviate both the emotional burden and physical discomfort associated with overly large breasts.


Breast reduction, also referred to as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue from the breast. This procedure is performed to correct the discomfort associated with large or heavy breasts, and to help women achieve a slimmer, more proportioned figure. Dr. Antún offers an affordable, highly effective breast reduction treatment that can help to relieve related pain, irritation, or discomfort, and significantly improve your quality of life.

Breast reduction candidates 

Overly large breasts can cause health and emotional problems. In addition to self-image issues, you may also experience physical pain and discomfort. 

The weight of excess breast tissue can impair your ability to lead an active life. The emotional discomfort and self-consciousness often associated with having large pendulous breasts can be as important an issue as the physical discomfort and pain. 


For many women, breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing procedure. When performed by a qualified and well-practiced surgeon like Dr. Antún, this treatment can provide both cosmetic and functional benefits, such as:


  • Less strain on the back, neck, and shoulders

  • Increased physical comfort and ability

  • A more active lifestyle

  • A balanced, more proportioned figure

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

  • Reduced irritation and rashes under the breasts

  • More comfort and less self-consciousness in clothing


The breast reduction procedure will depend on the current condition, concerns, and aesthetic goals of each patient. Before your surgery, Dr. Antún will give you a full examination to determine the most appropriate surgical methods for your treatment and how to effectively address your concerns. The procedure generally begins with a circular incision around the perimeter of the areola. Depending on the extent of fat removal required, there may be a second incision placed vertically from the breast to the inframammary fold, or directly in the breast fold. Dr. Antún opts for minimal, less visible scarring by making incisions in the natural creases of the skin. Through this opening, he will remove the predetermined amount of excess skin, glandular tissue, and fat, to achieve your desired size. Dr. Antún may also manipulate the remaining tissue to elevate and reshape the breasts, before closing the incisions to support the new contour. At HD Esthetique, breast reduction surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art facility under general anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort.


After your breast reduction procedure, you may experience some swelling or discomfort, which can be easily managed with pain medication. Dr. Antún will apply dressings or bandages to the incisions, and an elastic bandage or support bra may be worn to minimize swelling and support the breasts as they heal and adapt to the new contour. Dr. Antún will ensure that you are fully aware of all aftercare requirements, including how to care for your breasts during recovery, specific concerns to look out for, and pain medications.


Breast reduction surgery is a highly rewarding procedure for women struggling to manage overly large or heavy breasts. Pendulous breasts can cause both emotional and physical concerns that can create challenges for your lifestyle and impact your quality of life. Common problems experienced by breast reduction patients include:


  • Back, neck or shoulder pain

  • Difficulty exercising or engaging in physical activity

  • Skin concerns or irritation around or under the breasts

  • Low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence

  • Difficulty finding clothing or undergarments that fit properly

  • Lifestyle limitations

  • Unwanted attention


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. The procedure can help to correct these issues, restore confidence in your body, and ultimately improve your lifestyle.




Dr. Antún has over 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. As one of Miami’s leading surgeons, he is recognized for his aesthetic skill and technical ability to achieve accurate and personalized results. At HD Esthetique, we offer more than high-grade treatment; our team goes above and beyond to ensure your safety and comfort through your entire cosmetic journey. We are passionate about helping you realize your aesthetic goals and leading you toward a carefree and more enjoyable lifestyle.




The breasts are vital to a well-proportioned figure, but they are also an essential part of your comfort and confidence. Breast reduction surgery is a highly advanced procedure and has been described as a life-changing treatment for many women. If you would like to correct the effects of overly large or heavy breasts and restore balance to your body, schedule a consultation with Dr. Antún at our South Miami or Coral Gables office by calling us at 305-668-2853.