Breast Lift


Breast lift surgery is highly customizable. It can be performed as a single treatment or combined with other procedures, such as augmentation with implants or breast reduction. Dr. Antún will assess your condition and consider your aesthetic goals to determine the most suitable type of surgery for you.


A breast lift without implants is performed mainly to increase the projection of the breasts, elevate their position, and reshape the natural tissue for a well-toned and more symmetrical appearance. This surgery is suitable for those who are mostly happy with the size of their breasts. For those seeking to increase fullness, a breast lift with augmentation may be more effective. This procedure involves placing implants to both increase volume and improve the overall contour of the chest. While breast lift surgery helps to raise and firm the area, breast lift with augmentation restructures the breasts to create a plumper, well-defined, and rounder contour that will enhance your overall physique.


Alternatively, a breast reduction lift is suitable for women who feel that their breasts are too large or disproportionate to their body. Large, droopy, or sagging breasts can cause physical discomfort, bodily strain, embarrassment, and self-consciousness. Dr. Antún corrects this issue by not only removing the excess fat from the breasts to reduce the size, but also reshaping the remaining tissue to lift and contour the area for a well-proportioned, slimmer, and more attractive appearance. 



At HD Esthetique, Dr. Antún and his team of aestheticians offer an excellent aftercare service. The team is committed to ensuring your safety and comfort through all parts of the procedure while taking measures to minimize downtime and encourage healing. For post-surgical aftercare, Dr. Antún offers patients a unique Ozone therapy, which is included in the costs of the procedure. This treatment uses a colorless gas to strengthen the body’s oxygen intake and to activate the immune system. It is used after breast lift surgery to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria in the body, and encourage faster recovery. After your procedure, follow-up appointments will also be scheduled to assess how the breasts are adapting to the new contour and how your body is healing. This treatment generally requires a downtime period of one to two weeks, after which you can enjoy long-lasting and satisfying results. Dr. Antún will also explain how to care for the surgical site and what to expect during recovery.


Since breast lift surgery is highly customizable, it is a suitable treatment for women who are unhappy with the shape, size, or appearance of their breasts. Since the breasts can change dramatically during pregnancy, the best candidates for this surgery are women who are finished having children and are not planning to become pregnant in the future. If you feel physically uncomfortable, self-conscious, or find it difficult to engage in physical activity due to elongated, droopy, or large breasts, you may make a suitable candidate for breast lift surgery. This treatment helps to correct the effects of age and pregnancy by re-contouring the breasts and manipulating the tissue to produce a well-toned, firmer, and youthful chest area.


Dr. Antún is a highly practiced surgeon with over 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. He is passionate about achieving beautiful aesthetic results and helping patients re-discover their confidence using highly advanced surgical techniques. At HD Esthetique, we are committed to providing the highest quality of treatment and world-class care. We are dedicated to your cosmetic journey and take pride in helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, encouraging you to embrace a happier, fuller and more carefree lifestyle.


The breasts are integral to a woman’s body. Elongated, stretched or sagging breasts can lead to both physical and emotional concerns that can severely impact your quality of life. Understanding the intimate and personal nature of your concerns, Dr. Antún strives to make you feel comfortable and relaxed through all parts of the procedure. He draws on expert technical and aesthetic skill to enhance the appearance of your breasts and enrich your physique. If you would like to know more about your treatment options and how breast lift surgery can benefit you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Antún at our South Miami or Coral Gables office by calling us at 305-668-2853.

As we age, the breasts gradually lose their shape and often begin to sag. Pregnancy and breastfeeding may also worsen this condition, as the skin and ligaments of the breast tissue stretch and lose elasticity, and the supportive tissue and fat begin to diminish. As a result, the breasts lose fullness and often cause uncomfortable strain on the shoulders, neck, and back. This issue can also prompt a droopy and unattractive appearance, making many women feel self-conscious about their body. A breast lift helps to correct these effects and rejuvenate the area for a more vibrant and youthful look. Highly experienced surgeon Dr. Rafael Antún has helped many women in and around Miami restore shape and youthfulness to their breasts, improving their entire appearance and helping them achieve greater self-confidence as a result.


A breast lift, also referred to as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to raise and re-firm the breasts. This treatment is performed to reverse the effects of age, gravity, pregnancy, and other factors on the body. The surgery helps to restore youth, shape, and symmetry to the breasts, re-contouring the area for a shapely and well-toned overall figure. The procedure involves lifting the breast position on the chest wall and reshaping the area to fit proportionally with the body’s natural curves.



The procedure will depend on the current condition of your breasts and the aesthetic goals you are hoping to achieve, which will be discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr. Antún. As a highly trained and skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Antún tailors each procedure according to the individual needs, body type, and desires of each patient. The surgery may take from two to three hours and will be performed under local or general anesthesia.


A traditional breast lift generally begins with a circular incision around the areola, also known as a ‘donut’ incision. Depending on the extent of surgery required, this may be followed by a vertical incision from the nipple to the inflammatory fold (‘lollipop’ incision) for greater access to the underlying tissue. Dr. Antún will then remove any excess skin, manipulate the natural tissue and tighten the surrounding area to reshape and support the new breast contour. The result will be an elevated, perkier breast position and a revitalized physique.