Immediately after the procedure, you will be fitted with a garment to reduce swelling in the area, which may take up to one month to settle, depending on how the buttocks are healing. While pain is generally minimal and controlled through medication, you will need to avoid sitting or lying directly on your buttocks for about two weeks after your procedure, so you will need to sleep on your stomach or side. Regular sitting activity is usually recommended after two months of healing to ensure the results have thoroughly settled.


At HD Esthetique, we are committed to providing constant care and support through the entire treatment and recovery process. After the surgery, follow-up appointments will be scheduled with our warm and friendly team to assess how the body is adapting to the new contour and how the area is healing. Dr. Antún will also inform you of aftercare requirements, including specific sitting and resting positions, bathing techniques, and mild exercises, to ensure you receive the best, most satisfying results. He will also consider your lifestyle and working conditions to determine the most suitable modifications, allowing you to avoid complications or lengthening the recovery time.


Since the Brazilian Butt Lift is not a weight loss procedure, patients should be in good physical condition and have maintained a stable and healthy weight range before considering treatment. Whether you are seeking dramatic curves or would merely like to rejuvenate the area, the Brazilian Butt Lift is suitable for anyone wishing to lift, reshape or add volume to the buttocks. As a highly customizable procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift can be tailored to your body shape and aesthetic vision regardless of your reasons or cosmetic goals. This treatment is highly suitable for those seeking to:


  • Correct sagging and restore volume to the buttocks

  • Increase fullness and roundness

  • Improve the appearance of cellulite

  • Improve the proportions of your overall figure

  • Enhance self-image and self-confidence

  • Avoid significant scarring


Dr. Antún is a highly trained and skilled cosmetic surgeon, who has helped thousands of patients from Miami and beyond achieve their aesthetic goals. He leads a team of dedicated and experienced aestheticians who are passionate about helping our patients achieve beautiful, naturally convincing results. At HD Esthetique, we use highly advanced techniques to help patients realize their most aesthetically pleasing figure, while taking steps to minimize scarring and downtime. Our team is committed to your comfort; we do our best to ensure you are relaxed and fully aware of how the procedure is performed, the expected results, and the aftercare requirements. Dr. Antún aims to restore your confidence by creating a tailored treatment plan that will effectively address your concerns and bring to life your ideal physique.


The butt is an essential part of your figure. Its size and shape contribute to your overall appearance and can significantly affect how you feel about your body. If you are self-conscious about your buttocks or wish to enhance your curves, a Brazilian Butt Lift is an excellent procedure to consider. This treatment is minimally invasive, and can reshape and lift the buttocks for a fuller, perkier and long-lasting result. To find out more about how the Brazilian Butt Lift can enrich your appearance, book a consultation with Dr. Antún by calling HD Esthetique at 305-668-2853 to schedule your appointment at either of our convenient Miami locations.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that reshapes and augments the buttocks using fat from other areas of the body. An increasingly popular treatment, the surgery helps to enhance not just the buttocks, but also your overall body contour. Firstly, liposuction is used to carefully remove unwanted fat from other areas of the body, such as the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs, resulting in a slimmer appearance to the treated areas. This fat is purified, then strategically injected into the buttocks to add volume and sculpt the desired shape. The duration of the procedure and extent of fat transferral required will depend on your aesthetic goals and the outcomes you wish to achieve, which will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. Highly experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Antún will examine your current condition to determine the best areas for fat removal and create a treatment plan that is tailored to your aesthetic vision.


Instead of using the body’s own fat, a surgical buttock augmentation uses FDA-approved medical silicone implants to augment the buttocks. Unlike biopolymer or foreign body injections, these implants are safe and the procedure works in a similar way to a breast augmentation. This procedure is highly suited to patients who do not have sufficient body fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift, but still want an enhanced derriere. However, it must be noted that surgical buttock augmentation is a more invasive surgical procedure than a Brazilian Butt Lift.


Brazilian Butt Lifts are a minimally invasive procedure that results in almost unnoticeable scarring thanks to Dr. Antún’s advanced liposuction and fat grafting techniques. Because the body’s own fat cells are used, the results are long-lasting and extremely natural. The nature of fat transfer means that some fat cells might be reabsorbed by the body in the immediate two months after the procedure, making the results a little less predictable than a surgical buttock augmentation which is why Dr. Antún will follow up in the days, weeks and months after your procedure to ensure you remain happy with your results.